for fuck's sake, it's finally friday.

this morning started off with marlo walking into the bookshelf, falling flat on her face, and getting a bloody nose. yes, again! (marlo-0, floor-147) and her molars, the little fuckers, up and decided that this weekend would be a perfect time to attempt to join us. i truly hate teething. baby teeth are big assholes.

and as for me, you ask? well, i have a sadistic headache visiting from me from the depths of hell. last night, i bumped my head on the edge of our mirrored medicine cabinet door, and, apparently what resulted was an open bloody wound, which, i only discovered this morning by running a brush roughly through my hair- something i haven't done in literally three years- and reopening it. superb.

this weekend will need to consist of three things for me: a big ass bacon cheeseburger and french fries, no less than two naps (and i'm talking about for me), and some alone time with a big ass latte tomorrow morning.

oh, yeah... and wine. there will definitely be a moderate to large consumption of wine. and i'd really enjoy squeezing in a good make-out sesh with that hot piece of ass i call my husband. yep, definitely some of that. i may even shave my legs for the occasion.

so, five things.
five very imperative things.

i think we can arrange all of that.
you hearing me, hubs?

i hope you get to make out with someone scorchingly hot and, mostly, just enjoy your weekend, folks.


Unknown said...

yes for fuck's sake its friday! loved your story over at D&S. beautiful. xo

Sarah said...

I read your Diapers and Skinny Jeans mini interview and hopped on over, whilst sitting in my chair.., and I'm glad she featured you! A blog after my own heart - a girl that knows when no other word but 'fuck' will do.

miss verse said...

I absolutely love this. I curse way too much and I blame it on growing up in jersey. Although lately, I just find cursing absolutely hilarious. So much so that even my husband is like "really, danielle? Could you use those words a little less?" I think I may have even heard Elliot say "oh shit." And I was like "shit." haha.


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