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photo by lucy

so, y'all...  
i have something quite fun to share! 

kate, from one of my favorite blogs, diapers & skinny jeans, featured my birth story plus a little Q+A about my experience. so, please, virtually hop on over there and read all about it

(insert shameless plug. blah, blah, blah.) 

another incentive to check it out? she just had another beautiful baby girl, alba mae, and the pictures of her family will make your ovaries tick, tick, tick. i know that they have that affect on mine.

oh, and you can read my original birth story here

ps. i'm currently enjoying that big ass latte- alone in a coffee shop!!- that i was demanding yesterday afternoon. big ass bacon cheese burger and french fries are scheduled for later. it's going to be a good day.

happy saturday morning, friends! 



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