happy birthday | the meems


it's 'the meem's' birthday today!

'the meems' is my charming, adorable, and beautiful mother.
to marlo, she's the sweetest and most affectionate of mimi's.
to joe, she's the guarantee that he'll find me attractive when i'm fifty.

oh. that's right!
i forgot to mention that she's turning the big five-o!
and she's still as smoking hot as ever...
seriously, y'all, her legs are walking sticks of dynamite.
(more on that later.)

so, in honor of the occasion,
i'd like to tell you all just a few things about our meems.
me and my precious mama when i was a few days old.
ps. hold this up to m's newborn photos and we're identical.
she is eternally happy. even when she's not, she's smiling.

that smile? yeah, it's infectious. anybody who's seen it would agree.

she was a single mother for the majority of my life. and, after having marlo, i don't know how she did it.

the little things have always been what matter to her.

she and i were the same age when we had our daughters. five generations strong.

boys in high school only dated me because they thought she was hot. i'm not kidding. boys would walk behind me in the halls, singing that rap song, "she get it from her mama..." true story.

she's humble to a fault.

we both belong to a long line of women who snort when they laugh. marlo, i'm sorry.

i love hearing her drop an f-bomb. it's hysterically entertaining and just plain cute.

she has always let me be myself, even when the person i was at the time, wasn't so spectacular.

she eats with gusto. as do i. and as does marlo.

she and her husband are like teenagers. they're crazy in love.

she becomes very animated when she's excited about something.

she has piercing blue eyes. like, out of control, gorgeous blue eyes. mine are a dull yellow-green. thanks, ma.

her favorite person on earth is probably marlo. her husband may be tied with m, but, only if he's in the same room. i'm just kidding, dougie fresh. regardless, i'm a distant third and i've come to terms with that.

she's stubborn. so much so that she will argue that she isn't stubborn. i didn't get her eyes but i definitely got that genetic hand-me-down.

she is her father's child. kind, open-minded, and always offers to do anything she can to help. she also has his hands, his humility, his optimism, and now, his golf game.

the meems, ace, mom, 
we love you to the moon and back. 
we hope your day is the happiest of days, 
filled with love, sunshine, and lots of good food. 
christy, joe, and mo



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