five things | i learned in 2015


2015: the year of edie cooper
1. contrary to a once long-held belief, i do, in fact, like the newborn-infant stage. (i blame edie for this because, hello. look at that face!) and, ummm, dare i say that i'm also pretty good at it?!? what i am not good at is being tired. oh, and threenagers. threenagers combined with lack of sleep do not bring out a pretty side of me. they do, however, bring out fairly impressive dark circles, zits so big they deserve their own zit codes (see what i did there?), and hormone-induced rages.

2. nothing puts stress on a marriage like lack of sleep, strong-willed threenagers, ikea furniture, and long distance moves. joe and i have been lucky enough to endure all of those things over the course of 2015. *rolls eyes*

3. i've made no secret that i really don't/didn't like living in new york city. what i walked away from that three year long experience having learned is that life is far too special and unfortunately short to force a square peg into a round hole. you don't like the path your life is taking? CHANGE IT. so, when we were given the luxury of being able to change our situation, we did. i say this next part with the utmost conviction: i have never, ever, EVER been more confident about any decision my family has made as i am the one we made to move back to the one place that has always felt like home, to a city i want my girls to know as their own, and into a house that we will make a lifetime's worth of memories in. 

4. breastfeeding- or however you feed your child- is an important decision. however, it doesn't define motherhood or you as a mama. this could be a bigger post for another day but i adamantly believe that so much more goes into making the decision of how you should feed your baby than just what may be nutritionally best for their bellies. most importantly, you should never let someone make you feel guilty for your decision nor should you ever make someone question or feel bad for theirs.

5. and, finally, this is probably the biggest pill i've had to swallow this year. but....

i like justin bieber. 



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