overheard | marlo being marlo


"mama, where is da fire pit and da marshmellows? it's important dat i know dis."

"i love our new house, mama. we can stay forever, yes?"

"mama, why did you paint my room pink? did i ask you because i forget?" i tell her yes, that she asked for a pink room, and what baby wants, baby gets. "oh really?!... well, can i have a tampoleen in my new room den?" ummmm,

"mama, i went poo poo. come take a picture of it because itssa big poo poo and daddy will be so proud of me." face palm. 

"why did you not pack my cinderella dress? mama, you shoulda known dat it was too important. you need a time out."

"this target store is my favorite, mama. do you like target? yes. "does daddy like target?" no. 

"will i meet new fwends at my new school mama? will i still miss my fwends in bwooklin?" dagger to the heart. 

"mama, what time is it?" it's 7:30 am. "wow, i slept so late. i think i'll just sleep that late forever because i feel so wested and it's light out so i can just go right outside instead of the waiting."

while staying at our friends house, she spots a picture of her at 16 months old. "wait. who is dat little girl? wait. is dat meeee? wow. i was so cute. you so really cute, baby marlo."

"i missed my cuzzie bugs (cousins) so much, mama. i so happy to be home in charlotte because i missed them and they make me so happy."

"mama, stop the car!!!! itssa mcdonalds like i saw on da pewter!!!! we have to stop because it is supposed to be so delicious. and did you know that i get a toy with my happy nuggets?!" great....


Unknown said...

She is just awesome.


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