in which i'm given the best birthday present ever


 this morning, i was sent this video from my julie bean. she somehow got ahold of our favorite youtube personality who is a complete riot and had her make me a video for my birthday in honor of the little fadel spawn currently invading my incubation vessel. that's code for uterus.

oh, the miracle of life.

it is quite possibly the best birthday present ever. it had me laughing the silent kind of old man laugh that is reserved for very few things so brace yourself because it is quite amazing.

and for the record, a true friend is the kind of friend who understands your sick sense of humor and takes one of the most trying periods of your lives and makes you laugh your ass off at it like it ain't no thang.

thank you, julie. i love you and i have no idea how i'll ever top it. most likely, i won't.

**oh, and it's only decent of me to warn you that you shouldn't watch this video if you are offended easily by cursing or by the reality of pregnancy. nuclear epic farts anyone? because there is a lot of cursing in it but it's the necessary kind of foulness in order to achieve the full affect.

hash tag pregnant as fuck. 


ss said...

This is amazing.


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