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ever since i became a mom, i've tried to subscribe to the idea of seasonal shopping. i do this for a few reasons: 

1) i tend to buy more thoughtfully when i plan out my purchases in advance at the beginning of the season. 2) i'm forced to take a seasonal inventory of things that i already have, things that need alterations or a deep cleaning (like shoes, sweaters, jackets, etc.) and things that need to be donated.  3) it's much easier to budget. mind you, i will still buy a random shirt or accessory here or there but this conscious consumerism helps me to be more mindful of my purchases. and lastly) i rarely regret purchases if they're planned. impulse shopping always ends badly. this season's plan of attack involves a whole lot of comfort, easy access to my boobs, and materials that hold up well to wear and tear. 

also, i care so very little these days about being sartorially fancy. i truly don't have time to fuss about what i wear. i used to love fussing and obsessing over my wardrobe. in fact, i did it for a living. i still like to look good and put my best face forward but i just don't have the time to try new trends or live adventurously through the latest fashion. plus, i find it all kind of frivolous when i'm spending so much money a month on diapers and mo being in school. priorities. le sigh. luckily, though, i'm happily a jeans-and-t-shirt-kind-of-girl so shopping has become no-nonsense and to the point. i think any mom can appreciate that. 

amiright? or amiright? 

sandals i just purchased these to wear in florida next week since my tan leather sandals were ruined last year and they are extremely comfortable. i will be wearing them with everything. EVERYTHING, i tell you.

overalls i used to despise the resurgence of overalls that happened last year but they've come to actually grow on me. i won't cross over to the dark side completely and start wearing birkenstocks and patchouli or anything but i'll be nursing a newborn all spring, summer, and well into the fall so i'm going for it all in the name of easy access to my boobs. long live the 90's!

striped tee because the only point of stripes is their ability to distract the eye from the countless breastmilk stains that will be loitering around on my shirt and the like.

ribbed nude tank because it's cotton, easily washable, and leaking breastmilk will blend in nicely. will probably have in black, charcoal, and grey, too. because if it works, why mess with it?

fannypack so, don't even start with me about the fannypack. my biggest anxiety about having two kids is how to be hands free for mo while still holding a newborn and running errands around the city. enter: the fannypack. so. sue. me.

leather back pack again, i need to be handsfree and i refuse to have an actual baby bag. yuck. i've also been looking for a black leather backpack for ages that doesn't come off as butch. this is the solution.

distressed black skinnies because i wear a lot of black and none of my old jeans will fit for a while. justification at its' finest.

crop tee easy access for edie cooper to the girls. grey is the only one i pictured here but i'll most likely own this shirt in every color.

original aviators because classic is always the best route. also, joe got me these for christmas with my rx lenses in them. let me tell you, it'll be nice to be able to see while outside for a change.

what's missing? lipstick. why it's missing? because i'll be to busy smothering a baby in umpteen kisses and i'm sure she wouldn't appreciate her teeny noggin being covered in red smooches. maternal sacrifices, you guys.



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