round two | twenty-nine weeks


seventy-seven more days.
edie cooper,

i'm convinced that you have seventeen arms and legs even though your last ultrasound confirmed that you, in fact, only have four limbs. i feel you EVERYWHERE: up in the sides of my ribs while also stabbing tickling both of my hip bones, your butt (or is it your head) sticking out into my belly button, and your head (or is it your butt) firmly planted in my sternum. you must have been a starfish in a past life.

my bladder is your personal trampoline, which i'm not particularly fond of. peeing yourself in public is generally frowned upon so if you simply stop, i'd greatly appreciate it. it's only a matter of time until my lungs become your very own punching bag. i can't wait! (insert sarcasm.)

you currently only want to eat sandwiches and coconut curry with sticky rice which, you know, is fine by me. you still aren't a huge fan of sugary treats which is a big damn shame. you're starting to also not care for the taste of coffee but i force feed it to you anyway because, quite simply, i need all the coffee. if you have a problem with it, please take it up with your sister who insists on waking up before the ass crack of dawn.

and i will refrain from discussing the gas. at this point, it's just comical. i wish i cared enough to be embarrassed but modesty goes right out the window when pregnant along with common decency and concern for the person standing behind me in the market check out line. when worse comes to worse, i just blame it on your big sister. she's my scapegoat.

marlo is already certifiably obsessed with you, by the way. she keeps asking if you can sleep with her at night and, to be honest, if she had lactating nipples, i'd seriously consider it. but i think i'll hoard all of the nighttime cuddles for myself and your dad for a few months or... i don't know... forever if that's what you want.

ps. your sister wasn't a fan of cuddling. insane right? she was all "hey, i'm miss independent! so nice to meet you! i'm only eight weeks old but i need my space so screw you and your co-sleeping." i hated it. you better be completely codependent.

we're closer to the end than we are the beginning of this whole pregnancy thing, my little edie bun. i'm taking your sister to florida in eleven days for a little girls trip before you're born and turn her world upside down so if you could be good to me until we get back, that'd be fantastic.

we can't wait to meet you, baby.




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