the 52 project | 24


"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."
you eat more than any child i know. you also enjoy food more than any child i know. when you try something new, you take your time and really taste it. you mmmmmm your way through each bite, occasionally coming up for air to lick your fingers. cutest thing ever, by the way. sometimes you'll even close your eyes while you savor each chew. it's very much your approach to all areas of life: you don't just live, you get into the marrow of life and experience it. you laugh wildly, you really, really throw a tantrum when you're upset, you run with your arms wildly flailing as you feel the wind around you. you're passionate and a ball of fire that never seems to go out. you don't half-ass anything you find yourself up against- even if that new thing is simply a new food.

i love, love, love this about you.



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