taking stock | 03


wanting | a le creuset signature dune braiser.
needing | need is a strong word. i can't honestly say that i need anything.
wearing | birkenstocks. kidding. absolutely kidding. it's just a big fat no.
listening | to clean bandit, a british band my friend, kristen, turned me on to when she was visiting the states.
reading | so many books. also, a few new favorites of marlo's.
traveling | to kiawah island, charlottesville, and richmond.  
eating | some variation of a tomato sandwich every. single. day.
wishing | that bread was as good for me as kale. 
planning | a few father's day activities for our main man.
playing | with a pink hoola-hoop that i took from an event last week. it doubles as a work-out, too.
drinking | water, lemonade, rosé, and gin martinis. 
trying | to breathe. my sinuses are proving to be a real pain in my ass this year. 
feeling | a lack of inspiration. i'm hoping that re-reading my favorite writers will give me a spark of creative juice.
working | on teaching marlo that no means no and yes means yes. proving to be difficult.  
learning | that engaging people's crazy isn't worth it. some people will never get it and that's okay.  
practicing | patience and time management. 
mastering | neither patience nor time management. 



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