five things | fathers


1. few things are sexier than a good dad. i believe that being a good dad consists of very few things: showing up, listening, being kind, physicality (like hugs and kisses and rolling on the ground and stuff of the sorts), and a gentleness usually reserved for mothers. joe is all of those things. by the powers of deductive logic, he is sexy. i mean, he's sexy without the kid but the power of sexy got turned up exponentially when i watch him love our girl the way that he does.

2. father's day can be a touchy day for me. luckily, three men have turned what could be a very sad day into one of the best and one that reminds me of how good i have it: my dad, my grandfather (who marlo is named after), and joe. i am so grateful for the three of you.

3. nothing is better or more significant than raising a human with someone whom you truly love. it unites two people in a way that nothing else ever could- even marriage vows. no matter what happens, joe and i will always be family because of our love for marlo. there's so much security in that.

4. not every child is given a good dad from the get-go. there are many men who swoop in and take care of babies who aren't their own by blood. my dad is that kind of man. you don't always choose your family and then other times you do.

5. while my preferred way to celebrate mother's day included the removal of an organ, joe would rather celebrate with cupcakes, a trip to shake shack, and a few beers on the roof. i like his way better.



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