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this photo has nothing to do with anything but she's cute so i felt like it should be posted. 
... but, i want to interrupt this blog vacation to bring you a few things you should be reading. you can thank me later.

1. i began reading tiny beautiful things and ohmygod. you guys. i've never had my heart broken by a piece of writing before the way that this is breaking my heart. it's speaking my rhetoric, my love language. it's giving me all of the feelings. it's inspiring me in ways that i have found myself craving as of late. it's going to make me a better writer. it's making me feel brave enough to share aspects of my life that are dark and involve discussing the things that need to be discussed. while my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans is life-changing and all, the marrow of life a pair of boyfriend jeans does not make. what makes the marrow of life? love. spreading it, reveling in it, fighting for it, loving it, making it, arguing with it, doubting it, sharing it. love is what life is made for. the first piece of writing in the book asks what the fuck? what the fuck? what the fuck?

the answer? the fuck is your life. answer it.

and isn't that just beautiful?

2. let me be narcissistic for one moment: an article i wrote here; a revamped mom uniform and an in the kitchen with mama + mo feature with my friend littleboogaweezin here and here, respectively;

3. i read this article yesterday and holy shit. just read it. if anyone out there is struggling with postpartum mental illness or mood disorder, know that you are not alone. heartbreakingly, it's more common than it's not. i know because i've been there. the struggle is so real. but it will get better, i promise you that. i know how heartbreaking it can be because i've been that heartbroken. i've been disappointed at my experience of early motherhood and how i handled it. hell, i'm still disappointed at how i find myself handling it. but i have my tribe. i have my family. i have this space to write and pour my tears into. and i have the belief that things will only get better if we make our private struggles know. read it and let's start having an honest conversation about what motherhood looks and feels like for some of us.

4. i've long been an advocate for consuming fat. i eat a lot of real butter (preferably european or irish) and lots of healthy fats. i've never believed that fat makes you fat. if it's okay with french women, it tends to be okay with me and all of that. well, now, there's an article to back it up. read it.

5. stop saying you're sorry, females. just stop it. how about sorry, i'm not sorry.



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