that moment


that moment yesterday, while sitting in a cafe on bleecker street enjoying pain au chocolat, when marlo grabbed ahold of my hand as if to say, i'm here for you, mama. i love you, mama. i had a rough morning; one full of embarrassing amounts of tears for reasons that are far too complicated and personal to explain here. by nine am, i felt emotionally defeated and assumed the day was doomed. lest i forget that the turnaround of a day could be delivered by thirty-six pounds of almond-shaped green eyes, auburn hair, compassion, wrist rolls, and unassuming & nonjudgemental love. 

marlo, just when i think that i couldn't possibly love you any more than i already do, you go and do something so kind and compassionate and so full of love.

to the moon but further, babe. 

so, so very much further.

hugs and one million kisses,


YVONNE said...

this is beautiful.. kind of moment that makes it all so awesome, all of it


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