the 52 project | 16


"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014." 
over the past two weeks, we've had a lot of visitors staying with us. i think that you'd had just about enough of the merry-go-round by saturday afternoon. you woke up from your nap in the worst mood and whined and cried well into the evening. we tried to sit on the roof top and enjoy the afternoon but you just weren't having it. cuddles, kisses, and even a little treat didn't pull you out of your funk. i will regret even thinking this thought, but, i do sometimes look forward to those rough afternoons or even full days. they give us an excuse to purposefully slow down and  rest. we both typically function so much better when we're going, going, going. but when we're done and over it? nothing can fight off that bad mood except doing absolutely nothing. like mother, like daughter, i suppose. 

*thanks, christina, for taking this picture of me and my girl. a mama can only take so many selfies until they simply just won't do. xoxo. miss you all already.



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