five things | loving


thanks, marisa, for taking these photos of me & modine
for our upcoming feature on littleboogaweezin, debuting may 1st! 
1. kisses from marlo are my happy place. there is nothing more pure and sweet in the world for me than those kisses. i tend to get an abundance of them when she knows that i'm cooking for her or handing her little tastes of the ingredients. apparently food is her love language and she comes by that honestly.

2. a delicious cocktail. lately, i'm favoring anything made with hendrick's, which, is a odd considering that i typically hate gin. but hendrick's is floral and balanced and it doesn't taste like pine needles. my current go-to is henrick's over ice with a few slices of cucumber, a lemon peel, some mint leaves, and belvoir elderflower lemonade. hot damn, it's so good. it makes me feel like a 1950's housewife in the best kind of way. like a brunette betty draper with less make-up, zits, and lululemon yoga pants.

3. i've begun reading the opposite of loneliness and the introduction alone had me a sobbing mess. the heartbreaking backstory is only the beginning; the author died five days after her commencement from yale in a tragic car accident and the publishing of the book was a collective effort of her friends, parents, and academic advisors who painstakingly tracked down and compiled her work. however, the legacy marina keegan leaves behind- one devout in the power of love and human connection- is so profound and so impactful, it's hard not to be uplifted by it. not to mention, the girl was one hell of a writer. highly recommended.

4. the word redamancy. essentially, redamancy is the act of loving in return. rather, loving the one(s) who loves you. it sounds like such a basic concept, but it's one that's so easily and commonly overlooked. the fact that there is a word for loving a person who loves you reinforces how beautiful of a concept it is: love those who love you, love what you have instead of looking for better, and nurture that love so that it can be the best it can be.

5. we had a little date night in last night. i made lamb-feta burgers with a tomato, caper, and shaved fennel salad. we drank rosé and watched the wolf of wall street. longest movie ever, just so you know. (and here is where i talk a little bit about leonardo.) admittedly, i watched titanic at least four hundred and thirty seven times as a young lady. i made a point to get it out of my system before i began dating and maintaining a false expectation that jack was somehow attainable in real life. as a result, i find it difficult to picture leo as anything but jack and seeing leo as a drug-addicted prick is an entirely new territory for me. if loving leo as a prick is wrong, i absolutely have no intentions of ever being right.



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