taking stock | 02


remembering: to stop and smell the roses. or count the rocks. remembering to just be.
trying: to not place an emphasis on physical appearance for the sake of marlo. it's an incredibly unhealthy habit to contribute to. 
cooking: muchos tacos because taco night never hurt anybody. 
drinking: it's finally rosé season! this one is my current fave.
 this article and loving everything it says about her level of self-confidence. taking notes.
 to want less. but, inevitably, wanting things that don't matter.
 forward to having friends visiting us over the next month. april and may are so full of fun. 
 hide and seek like it's my full-time job. 
pushing: a tire swing like it's my other full-time job. 
deciding: to take opportunities even if they scare me a little. you gotta put yourself out there at some point. 
 more people walked the walk. myself included.
planning: marlo's second birthday party and a baby shower for two of our good friends. 
enjoying: the last couple of weeks of a still one-year-old. 
 weekend trips to smorgasburg and its' plethora of fried food options. 
loving: that we got marlo into a co-op play school here in DUMBO for the fall. this is going to do both of us so much good.
considering: how expensive play-school is, it better do a whole hell of a lot of good.
hearing: the rain and marlo laugh at the puppies she's watching on youtube. 
needing: my body to figure out what is making it feel so yucky. gluten? sugar? corn? soy? ugh. i just want to love food again. 
smelling: the hyacinth sitting on the table in front of me. 
 these sunglasses. this lipstick. these jeans.
 that i'm so much happier now that winter is over. longest months of my life.
thinking: that some people will never get it. accepting it. 
admiring: this blog and the women behind it.
 myself this mother's day gift.
 nostalgic and all kinds of teary-eyed lately when i look at marlo. 
opening: a bottle of champagne on her birthday because, holy hell. we've survived two years. 
feeling: excited and grateful for a few opportunities that have presented themselves. stay tuned...

you can read my previous stock inventory here. and can we even talk about how much marlo has grown since then? it's really hitting me that she's about to be two. one didn't bother me at all. in fact, it felt more like an accomplishment. but two? it's making me incredibly aware that she's no longer a baby, rather, a full-fledged little girl.


Alexandra said...

this series is FUNN! And that slate cheese board was my absolute favorite wedding gift.

Unknown said...

Love this! I'll be taking inventory tonight too ;) great ideas and thoughts

SRO said...

Um, I have the exact outfit Marlo is wearing in this picture. We be twins.


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