the 52 project | 15


"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."
this week, it hit me that i've got an almost two year old. it also hit me this week just how precious you are. i mean precious in the gemstone-kind-of-way, not the sweet-and-cute-sort-of-way of the word, although, you are that, too. you're so stubborn and quick and physical that it's easy for me to forget just how gentle and sensitive you can be. technically, you're still a baby, my baby. you still need me in ways that i take for granted and you love me in a way that i'll never deserve. the littlest things, like you pointing out your nose and your eye and your eyebrows and your double chin, have made me a weepy mess the past few days. i blame nostalgia more than anything, but, i also blame you being so damn sweet.

two is going to be so, so good.



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