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"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."
this is your corner, marlo. your little spot of our huge 723 square foot home. who needs a playroom when you can sit beside an air conditioner and behind the wooden legs of a chair. it's become a designated poop area which has us considering using it for our advantage for potty-training. it's your go-to spot when we're playing seek and find. (worth pointing out: you really need to work on your hiding, modine, because i can spot those toes ANYWHERE.) and it's also quickly become your place of "i need some me time, please." i get it, i do. we all need alone time to inspect and count our toes, to poo, to sing our abc's, or count to four and leave out one and two. i must warn you, though: as long as this spot remains yours, you're going to have to deal with a certain someone kneeling down for nibbles on those delectable little toes because i just can't resist. and i won't stop. never, ever, ever. i love you, mo.


Unknown said...

What a cutie. Little feet are a favourite of mine to capture.

Tara Lucas said...

My oldest had a spot to sit and just be as well... and if we were out and he couldn't find peace with any ol' spot he would make do behind my legs.

Ps. I adore little toes, they are a favourite thing to capture in this house

Unknown said...



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