five things | what i drink & why i drink it


1. champagne. or prosecco. whenever i want to and whenever i need to. to celebrate and to pick myself up. i prefer it not diluted with fruit sweat. also, the fact that it's suitable to be consumed with breakfast, lunch, or and dinner makes it a universally acceptable hostess gift. FYI.

2. guinness. personally, i believe that it's the only beer worth drinking. worth noting: real guinness drinkers refuse to drink it out of a can. that's known as blasphemy. secondly, real guinness drinkers watch their bartenders pour their pint because a real bartender should know how to do it properly. most american bartenders don't pour a proper pint because guinness requires a different level of CO2 than other beers and, sadly, most bars are too cheap to install a separate line for the stuff. hence why you have bars serving guinness in cans.

3. whine wine. i'm an equal opportunist when it comes to wine with the exception of a few things that i really don't like. i don't like oak and i don't like anything sweet. if a bottle of wine has either of those two notes, its' label should just read, "you're going to feel like dying tomorrow."

4. tequila. milagro, don julio, or herradura. (i think patron is incredibly overrated.) as a shot. no salt, just a wedge of lime or orange. preferred at room temp. and only when i'm out with julie. it always leads to a fun night.

5. rosé. always french, always dry. every day of summer. for any reason. with any meal. because it's delicious. because i want to. because i can.


Kerry said...

we could be drinking buddies.

after i deliver this overdue baby.

love this post!

Heidi said...

Now I am feeling rather thirsty!

Unknown said...

all of the above on saturday please! x


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