sexy paper gowns & getting all preachy


paper gowns are the sexiest. wouldn't you agree?

the reason for the paper gown? well, this morning i spent about an hour in the dermatologist's office. on saturday, while i was getting ready, i noticed a spot on my forearm that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. to anyone else it probably just looked like one of the hundreds of freckles that litter my body. but, to me? i noticed the red puffy edges, the discoloration, the asymmetry. and it itched. it alarmed me.

admittedly, i'm not very dramatic when it comes to my health. i'm totally against flu-shots and anti-bacterial anything and i believe that kids who eat dirt and pick their boogers are typically healthier children. but when it comes to my skin? i'm fanatical. i slather my entire body in sunscreen year round, i do everything that i can to stay out of direct sunlight, and i always wear a hat. i don't just wear them as a fashion statement although that is an added bonus.

so, back to this morning. i had the ugly freckle in question and a few other places looked at. the doc was concerned about a few of them and ordered biopsies. here's where i'm about to get all preachy on you and i'm not apologizing ahead of time:

tanning beds will kill you. i truly wish they were illegal. sure, you may look a little better with a tan. but, you look a hell of a lot better alive, don't you think. also, let's talk about the oxymoron that tanning in synthetic or authentic sunlight is all together? you tan because of vanity; you think you're more attractive with some color. how do you think you'll look with all of those wrinkles or chunks of your skin missing later on in life, tanned skin or not?

is vanity really worth it?

wear sunscreen. reapply often. wear hats year round. avoid sun during peak hours. slather your kids in age-appropriate sunscreen. make them wear hats and i don't care if they throw tantrums.

and... stepping down off of soap box.


Unknown said...

ah sending well wishes hoping everything comes back okay mama. and also, stay on the soap box if need be! I will admit I have taken a few trips to the tanning bed in highschool and being from cocoa beach, fl probably spent too many days getting that perfect shade of crispy. silly me. now I pull a vampire and avoid sunlight at all costs as well.

ps that paper gown does look sexy on you indeed! xx

Alicia Chavis said...

Absolutely! Working in oncology, the melanoma cases are scary. Also, protect your eyes as you would your skin, wear sunglasses! Hope all is well!

tina bumblebee said...

When I was younger I used to tan. Like, high school young. I tanned because I thought I was super ugly without any color. Then one day I was like, shit.... tanning is crazy and dangerous! Now I'm also fanatical about my skin. I wear all fragrance free sensitive products and cover myself in spf all year round. I'm so freaked out about wrinkles that I'm a moisturizing insane person haha. I wish tanning was illegal for many health reasons but also because it's not fair they all get to be tan while I'm pale. Oh well, in about 20 years they will be hideous and hopefully I'll young smooth skin :)

tina bumblebee said...

OH AND ALSO, I really hope your test comes back that it's just an irritated freckle and everything is fine. Good luck good luck good luck!

Unknown said...

Well, I will have to work on my body before trying sexy designer dresses that looks beautiful on models and actors.


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