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i feel like we've been sold so short by not being able to explore our beautiful little nook of brooklyn because of the brutal winter we experienced. we moved here at the tail-end of fall and had very little opportunity to experience what DUMBO has to offer us other than the amazing views. this weekend, we were able to get out and walk around to our heart's content and i have to tell you, this place is my personal real estate heaven. i never, ever want to leave.


erin said...

her hair grew overnight! loving the long locks

Unknown said...

She's so fabulous!! Glad you got out. What does she weigh? She must be 100% percentile for just under two! Just love your blog and insight.

Christine said...

Erin, I know!! It's gotten so long! I'm waiting until her birthday to get it trimmed. I think a little bob is in order :) Margaret, She's almost 36 pounds. She's kind of a giant and I have no idea where she get's it from. Just completely solid with the juiciest thighs and booty you've ever seen. And, thank you :)


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