san francisco is necessary


the only way i can get anything done. all in thanks to elmo, mickey, and the photo booth app.
i don't even care that i'll have to erase over two hundred selfies tonight of the inside of marlo's nose. 

in less than forty hours, we leave for san francisco! and, holy crap, you guys. i desperately need this vacation. and i say 'need' in the most necessary-i-will-go-thirty-more-shades-of-insanity-if-i-don't-escape-my-current-winter-cabin-fever-inducing-routine type of way; not the i'm-an-over-dramatic-brat-and-you-probably-want-to-punch-me-in-the-face kind of way. i promise.

for starters, joe and i have never been on a vacation just us two. not even before marlo ever entered the womb. which, we're fully aware, is a damn shame. we didn't go on a honeymoon. or a babymoon. we shotgunned that bitch and i refused to go on a honeymoon large and in charge, full of baby, and unable to drink bottles of wine or gorge myself on copious amounts of un-pasturized cheese. there was also the minor fear of some bizarre complication arising and being stuck on a beautiful tropical island, left to my own devices to deliver marlo on a sand dune or in a hammock and then wrap her in a banana leaf instead of a swaddle. so. no honeymoon. other than that, we have no excuse. so, after almost eight years, it's happening.

secondly, i must get my pasty-faced and pale ass under something resembling a sun. it would appear that the sun didn't include brooklyn as a priority on the list of places to visit this winter. i haven't gone one single damn day without looking like some creature from the inside of a snow globe. and someone, please, smack me in the face for even thinking such a blasphemous thought, but, i'm so over anything made of cashmere. i never thought that there could ever be such a thing as too much cashmere. turns out, there most certainly is. #fucksomecashmere #fucksomesnow.

lastly, i am sorely in need of some time away from marlo. i love my kid. but i want to miss her. i want to be away from her for a few days to regroup and to enjoy being at home with her again. and, no, i don't care if that sounds awful to anyone. i need a break. i deserve a break. every mother does. it's been a painfully long winter and we've been stuck inside the majority of it staring at each other. she's as sick of my face as i am of being stuck inside with a teething and grumpy ass toddler. basically, we're both miserable assholes and we both need a change of scenery. so, her mimi is coming to spend four full days with her and, hopefully, rub some of her sweet southern charm off on little modine in the process.

also, here's to hoping that the california sun (and non-freezing temps), hotel shenanigans (bowchickabowwow), delicious west coast fare, gorgeous san francisco hills, and ungodly amounts of wine will all do what they do best and pull out the stick that i've had stuck up my ass for the past few frigid months.

here's to necessary vacations.

i'll see you all on monday!


nicole gonzalez said...

You deserve this trip big time! Have a blast mama!!!

ss said...

The second to last paragraph: I'M DYING. And in full agreement/support whathaveyou. Have so much fun!

Unknown said...

Good for you girl!

With Love, By Nic said...

hey momma! I'm happy to hear you're getting away, all mommas need a break (i hear ya!) - pack warmly though, it's raining the next couple of days! xxx - from california

tiffany said...

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