five things | i learned from thanksgiving


1. naps are mandatory for everyone except the person actually cooking thanksgiving dinner. read: me. so, i just drank a bottle of prosecco with a solerno liqueur floater and got a good buzz going while they slept. it should be noted that i was in bed and actually asleep by 8:15 that night.

2. this might be a little presumptuous; however, i believe that it's fair to say that i make the best goddamned mashed potatoes in all of brooklyn. hell, i even surprised myself when i took my first bite. joe agreed with his silent nods as he inhaled his first portion. as did little dynaMO with her grunts and 'mmmmmms.' also, they're only four ingredients: yukon gold potatoes, an ungodly amount of heavy cream and melted butter, and chives. not exactly light on the calories but when you taste them, you won't give a damn.

3. turkey is for the birds. two-inch thick rare filets are what should be served at thanksgiving. save a turkey. kill a cow.

4. as of thanksgiving day, marlo's hair is long enough to be put up into a top knot. and can i just state for the record.... cutest damn thing ever? a baby girl in skinnies, chuck taylors, and a top knot? just stop it.

5. joe has been home all weekend and is taking the entire week off. technically, he has a lot of school work to do but i have a honey-do list that is a mile long. and by honey-do-list, i mean honey, watch marlo while i get this shit done.


ss said...

we ate filet mignon on Thanksgiving, too! I seriously agree with this.


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