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this time around, making our new apartment feel like a home is proving to be more difficult. i can't imagine why? probably something to do with one certain busy-bodied, curious, into-fucking-everything modine mclean running around these parts... but that's just a wild guess.

anyway, things are starting to come together and the coziness factor is getting turned up a few notches. my tastes have definitely changed over the past few years. i used to be so much more eclectic but now, i favor timeless simplicity and comfort. i like for a room to feel organic and curated rather than matchy-matchy, like i just walked into a showroom and pointed at this, that, and that.

so far, i think i'm achieving that look. one of the things that i have to remind myself is that in order to get the look i'm going for, i can't just get everything at one time. i can't be impulsive. i have to be patient and let myself stumble upon that perfect missing piece or print. surprisingly, that's proving to be a fun process.  i can't wait to visit some of the fleas and estate sales this spring and summer. i think that's going to be the knick-knack jack pot. i'm hoping to only bring in vintage finds from this point forward, minus a certain coffee table that i've had my eye on for quite some time. it's a bit of a splurge so i'm waiting to pull that trigger.

ps. in case you're wondering about where to find our goods: you can find our bedroom wall sconces here and our warm and cozy striped flannel sheets here; the Sharon Montrose longhorn steer print is available here; find the coral entryway hooks here; marlo's birch crib was so inexpensive and from ikea; her matte black eames-style chair came as a pair which i purchased here; and our fabulous kitchen shelves were such a good find and i stumbled upon them here. commissioned ram painting by lady noel designs.


Barbie // Fringe & Feathers said...

Looking good. Love Sharon's prints.

I feel you on the pain of moving and having to settle in. We moved twice in the last year and a half. It's not joke.


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