five things | about this weekend


1. taco, micheladas, and chocolate peanut butter brownie night with team garces at casa de el fadel. (i'm aware that i'm butchering the spanish language. juls calls me el fadel and we were eating mexican food so i just went with it.) what's even better is being in bed on a saturday night after four micheladas and as many tacos and brownies at nine pm,  playing sudoku on the iPad with mario badescu pink drying lotion slathered all over your face. if that isn't living the life of glamour, i don't know what is.
my date friday evening and a dork on saturday morning.  
2. our first date night out in dumbo. what a treat!

3. sitting in the coffee shop on sunday morning- by myself- as a tray of freshly made whoopee pies are brought out of the bakery's kitchen. dear lord.

4. sunday night dinner consisting of provence-style white wine mussels with toasted buttered baguette. holy shit. you guys. mama did work in the kitchen this weekend. hash tag humble brag. ps. thanks juls for messing up your fresh direct order and giving us two pounds of free mussels. also, cleaning those things is a real pain in the arse.

5. reading this article was probably the biggest highlight. i can't even begin to tell you how sick and tired i am about the heated debate between the religious conservative right and the social liberal left about whether or not homosexuality is right. it doesn't matter what we think. this article says it better than i ever could but the simple fact is that gay or bisexual teens are thirty percent more likely to try to end their life. as a human who loves other humans, that is a heartbreaking statistic. as a mother who has absolutely no control over whether or not her child is gay, i can't even fathom thinking that one of those teens could be MY kid. when are we going to stop being assholes to one another and, instead, start being kind because that's what good and decent humans do? isn't that what jesus taught us anyway? to love thy neighbor as you want him to love you?
it's not a post without a picture of our little modine. that child was worn out after taco night with her good bud rio.
man, this stage of toddlerhood? it's awesome. it's trying, too. but really, really awesome. 


Chelsea Mac said...

That article is spot on! It truly doesn't matter what anyone believes, just be a descent human being! Thanks for sharing!


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