my holiday reading list


even though i have a big deadline in ten days, i really want to dive into some books while joe has some time off and i can get away for a few minutes to be by myself. and instead of scouring pinterest in the evenings before bed, i want to be nose deep in real books, the kind made up of hard covers and the smell of ink on paper, not the kind on some tablet or electronic thingamahjiggy. am i the only person still buying real books? probably not great for my carbon footprint but i prefer holding books and the look of books on numerous shelves in my home. and that smell. god i love the smell of books. especially old books. delightfully stinky.

here are the books on my holiday reading list:
1. e.b. white, here is new york 2. nate burkus, the things that matter
3. chuck klosterman, i wear the black hat 4. martha stout, the sociopath next door


emily said...

girl, "real" books are the best. i'm always trying to read one book a month. and like you said, this should be doable especially if i turn off the boob tube. we'll see how this goes with a newborn but it is so important for my emotional and mental well-being to steal away to read some words that aren't on a screen.

keep posting what you're reading. these are great suggestions! just read "her best kept secret" by glaser about why women drink (made me want to down a bottle of wine) and am onto NW by zadie smith.



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