ten things i've learned & twenty-fourteen's to do list


ten things i've learned in 2013:

1. if someone repeatedly proves to you that they are an asshole, they're probably an asshole. nobody will blame you for walking away from an asshole.

2. there is a way to maintain brutal honesty without being brutal. the older i become, the more sensitivity and grace become necessary. my skin isn't as thick as it once was.

3. quality is more important than quantity. this stands true for things and people.

4. shit happens. move on.

5. never be afraid to talk about what scares you. it's far less scary when you take its' voice- and subsequent power- away.

6. people change. people grow up. people move on. some people don't. or won't.

7. hard work does pay off. it just takes time. be patient.

8. PPD and GAD are by far the hardest things i've ever had to navigate. navigating them while simultaneously trying very hard to not fail at being a mom and wife almost always feels like a loosing battle. all you can do is try harder and learn to appreciate the process.

9. complacency isn't something that i'm comfortable with.

10. you are what you eat. food has the power to wreak havoc and to heal. the choice is yours. always choose the latter.

and to hell with resolutions. i favor to-do lists:

1. re-read all of my favorite books and beloved writers with the hopes that i'm inspired by their words to write more and to write better.

2. travel and explore as often as we can this summer.

3. be a better listener.

4. before you buy something, ask yourself if you need it. if you don't honestly need it, don't buy it. stop buying shit you don't need.

5. don't complain about what you don't have. you have more than most so keep that shit to yourself. you sound like an asshole.

6. if you didn't hear it from the horses mouth, don't repeat it.

7. cook more. eat out less. host more.

8. if you wouldn't want marlo to do it or say it or act in that manner, you shouldn't either. so don't.

9. visit all of the big museums in nyc and brooklyn with marlo (and joe, even though museums aren't really his thing. i'll pull the wife card if i have to.)

10. put the phone down and disconnect more often.  

this year. damn, it's been... well... it's been a lot of things. a lot of highs and a lot of lows and i'd be lying if i said that i wasn't happy to see it go. so, to everyone who reads along, thank you. thank you for being interested and for all of the positivity that you bring to my journey. i'm taking the rest of 2013 off to work on some big deadlines and to spend time with my two loves. sending lots of love, peace, and warm fuzzies to you and yours.

see ya later, 2013. shit's been real.





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