happiest of birthdays, papa joe!


happy birthday, my love!

this year hasn't been the easiest for us but it's been one hell of an adventure. i'm happy to be where we are (literally and figuratively, speaking) and i take pride in saying that we've worked really fucking hard to get here. i make no claims that our life is a fairy tale- god knows that i'm no precious princess- but it's a really beautiful story that i'm proud to be a part of. and can we even talk about that insanely cute kid that we made? man... she's the greatest. thank you for being her dad and thank you for being my teammate.

now, if i may make a few requests for the year to come... can you keep the beard? while you're at it, can you add a little more salt and pepper to the sides of your hair, too? you know how i feel about those two things. also, just keep being really damn hot. and funny. and smart. and keep kissing me like you do. we'll be having that next baby in no time...

i'm so thankful to be doing life with you and i love you so much.




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