giving thanks


lately, i've realized just how full my life is.

i live in a warm and comfortable home in a perfect-for-us little neighborhood. i spend my days with a beautiful, spunky little girl and my nights with a sexy, intelligent, kind and thoughtful man, both of whom love me unconditionally. my life is filled with some truly beautiful souls: friends and family, near and far, all of whom genuinely care about me and my overall well-being. it's filled to the brim with a lot of love and a lot of laughter. one can never have too much of that, am i right?

and lately, it's also been composed of hard work, effort, and dedication to a job that i've always dreamed of being able to do. i'm officially living my dream. just typing those words out onto this screen make me feel so incredibly lucky. although, i do hope that something other than just luck is involved in making that happen. 

my life is also a daily learning experience. not every day is easy. some days are very trying and difficult. not every day is a lovely or sunny one. however, if i've learned anything over the course of the past year, it is that one's life doesn't have to be beautiful to be filled with beauty. so, my life is not only filled with love, it's also a bounty of beauty. 

for that i am very, very thankful. 

happy thanksgiving, everyone.




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