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friends, meet oscar the great.
how regal and proud does he look? 
i'm very picky about what goes on my walls. also, my taste tends to be all over the place. therefore, i'm slow to pull the trigger on investing in actual art. the commitment- as in dollars- makes me a little anxious.

however, when i saw my friend lauren's insane pieces, i knew that one belonged in our home. and so, with a certain husband's birthday this friday as an excuse, i took that opportunity to commission lauren to paint a ram in some of his favorite colors. why a ram, you may ask? well, my husband is a die-hard carolina tarheel. and since i don't allow him to display carolina memorabilia around the house- i think sports stuff is tacky- i thought i owed him one. this should more than make up for it. but truth be told, i love it as much, if not more, than he does.

also, i really love supporting other deserving women and mamas who believe in and are passionate about what they do. lauren most definitely fits under that category. she's beauty inside and out, her passion shines through every single piece that she makes, and she's one of the most sincere and open women i've ever come across.

here are some of lauren's other works:
(top left) the lucas pillow | (top right) margot tenenbaum print
(bottom left) original edie canvas | (bottom right) horse print
and, joe, if you're reading this... that edie painting would also make a great birthday present for a certain wife of yours. just sayin'...



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