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i'm completely lacking on inspiration this week. i blame it on trying to get back into the swing of things after traveling for eleven days, the demolition that is happening on the floor below us, the pre-moving list that keeps getting longer and longer by the minute, and marlo cutting her final four teeth. i'm thisclose to ripping my hair out...

so, with no particular rhyme or reason, here are a few things that i'm currently loving.

| our new bed. i'm beyond thrilled with it. | our plush and fabulous new sofa | these rag&boneXhunter rain booties. motorcycle rain boots? yes. | this cleanser. it's changed my skin. | this floor pouf. i just want to cuddle with it. | this cashmere hoodie (25% off right now, too. word.) |  these leather gym shorts. because leather gym shorts are necessary. | this leather jacket. i'm all about navy and leather these days. combine them and you've got sartorial gold, my friends. | these beverage containers. i think for christmas, i'm going to make our friends different infused liquors. |

also! i've started writing bi-monthly for What To Expect's online publication. cou can find my two most recent articles here. thank you so much for reading along!


Unknown said...

i love infused booze. thank you, we love it already.


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