marlo update | seventeen months


photo taken in charlotte by our great friend, lucy, half of smitten & hooked.

"though she be but little, she is fierce!"
-william shakespeare
you lived your first seven months of life in charlotte, north carolina. sadly, you will never remember the home that we brought you into in charlotte. the home just miles away from so many of your family members and friends. you will never remember the sleepless nights spent rocking in your nursery, the nursery that i stressed over being the right shade of white. you will never remember the first few months of your life which involved so many tears and cries from this here mama and the subsequent months of trying to pull myself together. you'll never remember the kitchen that i cooked your first taste of sweet potatoes. you'll never remember those sweet cherished moments when your dad would walk into our bedroom before leaving for work, when he'd smile at us while we were still snuggled and sleeping soundly, when he'd kiss us both before leaving, always parting with the words, 'i love my girls.' but i always will.

you will never remember the small apartment, fourteen floors up, where we began a grand new adventure as a family in new york. you'll never remember the hardwood floors that you crawled all over or the metal dining chair that you so bravely let go of to take your first few shaky steps to me. you'll never remember the exploratory walks around our neighborhood, where i got confused and turned around and cried because i knew no one and felt so lost, literally and metaphorically. you'll never remember the first time that you ran to me with a book in hand, making yourself comfortable in my lap, all while grunting at me to read it to you. you'll never remember the messes, the spills, and the chaos that you caused in that tiny apartment. but i always will.

as you live your eighteenth month, we are moving you- yet again- to brooklyn, to another tiny apartment that will hopefully house some of your first childhood memories. it's my goal to turn that tiny space in DUMBO into a home, one which makes you feel comfortable and safe, a home where you feel brave and free to become who you are meant to be. it is my goal to explore our new little corner of this great big city with you and your papa and watch you soak up all of its' offerings. it is my dream to cook dinners with you for your papa in our less-than-spacial kitchen. it's my plan to have birthday parties on that rooftop over looking the east river and beautiful skyline of the city that we are leaving, with all of your friends that are waiting to meet you.

in this new chapter of your short little time, it is my hope that WE will always have those memories and i can't wait to make them with you.

i love you to the moon and back, baby girl.




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