five things | nc edition


1. there is nothing like watching your baby love on another baby. truth be told, it made my ovaries ache a tiny bit and whisper out to me, "when? when? when can we operate again?" umm. not right now. but, when that day does arrive, i know that marlo will be an amazing big sister. and you guys, that baby beckett? he is just the happiest and yummiest damn thing. i love that i get to watch him grow up. april and sayer, you sure know how to make one scrumptious little bambino.
2. that big ass floppy hat? best purchase i've made in a very long time.

3. watching joe dance with his aunt was not only the cutest thing in the world, but, also, quite possibly the sexiest. there's something so very sexy about a man who loves his family, isn't there? and as if the dancing wasn't enough to make me want to bone him, that man looks so damn fine in a suit and some scruff. is there anything better than a suit and some scruff? maybe scruffy joe in a suit holding our baby? okay. i need to stop. an alarm is about to go off somewhere.
4. who knew that a cooler, a salad spinner, and a bottle of maple syrup could be so entertaining?

5. this particular visit made it blindingly clear that i am not even close to wanting to live in the 'burbs again any time soon. it would appear that nyc is doing a mighty fine job of sucking me in and she doesn't seem to be loosening her reigns any time soon...



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