marlo update | fifteen months


photo by jimmy
marlo, you are absolutely my wild.

you are interesting, fearless, and innately curious. a dangerous combination, in my opinion.

you are the busiest baby that most people have ever met. and with each day that passes and i tell myself that you couldn't possibly get any busier, you do.

you are wickedly funny- almost sinister. everything becomes a game, particularly when i'm attempting to tell you not to do something. it's proven quite difficult to keep my poker face on.

you received your first kiss last week. it was from delicious little rio and afterwards, you chased him around for another. you grabbed that boys shoulders and laid a big juicy one on his cheek. i think he loved it.

seeing appears to be at the bottom of your list of priorities because you still refuse to let us touch your hair with anything remotely resembling a clip. and since i refuse to cut your hair, this is one of those battles that i've decided to pick wisely. all of the cool kids are rocking mullets these days, anyway.

fussy people rattle your cage, which is a tad odd considering how busy and fussy you are. maybe there's only enough room for one busy person in your presence?

i'm starting to believe that you have a sixth sense about people. you either smile immediately at strangers or you give them this 'you are not my kind' stink-eye stare. and you're usually right on point. most of the people that you refuse to smile at are the same people that creep me the eff out.

my favorite thing about your fifteen month old self? you test boundaries and you question people. you don't take my word for it, you have to figure it out for yourself. which, as frustrating as it is at times, puts me at ease because i know that you aren't going to be the girl who just goes along with the crowd or who believes in something solely because your dad or i or your friends say that you should. you aren't going to be the kind of girl who turns into the kind of woman who has no sense of self or who lets someone else decide her fate. that's not you. you run your own show and i know that you always will.

do i dread the teenage years? yes. i am absolutely terrified of them. but i'm also very proud of you and your independent spirit and cannot wait to see where it takes you. i love you, sweet girl.

xoxo, mama


Unknown said...

what a funny, sweet, loving post. and yea, lots of loving wet kisses too. omg he is in trouble.

Unknown said...

ps might be my favorite pic of marlo ever. pps i might be framing the pic of all of us at dino.


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