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a few years ago, when joe and i were traveling to mexico, i wore my favorite leather jacket. you see, it was january and i knew that it wasn't exactly going to be hot there and it was freezing in north carolina where we were departing from. and it isn't hot, you know that i'm bound to be wearing leather. you know how these things go...

anyway, this jacket was my first born child. the softer-than-buttah-softest black italian lambskin hooded jacket by the now extinct line, mike + chris was, by far, the most important thing in my closet. it was the first really nice and (very) expensive thing that i bought for myself and i cherished it.

and would you like to know how i showed linny (that's what i named the jacket, obviously) how much i loved and adored it?

i left it on the mother fucking plane in mexico because i was buzzed off of one too many bloody mary's from our five hour flight and too high off of the prospect of sand, sunshine, and even more tequila awaiting us at our villa. i didn't even realize that linny was missing until three days later (i blame it on the constant consumption of tequila) and i cried. i literally cried. i've been wanting to replace it ever since but buying a leather jacket is kind of expensive and since i refuse to wear pleather (i'm not exactly on the roster to be one of peta's spokespeople, i'm sure), i've had to wait. maybe this christmas will be the christmas?

no one could ever replace linny, but here are nine examples of potential runner ups.

number two is really speaking to me. what shall i name her? something poetic, for sure.

big bertha, perhaps?

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ss said...

I have been trying to find #5 for.ever. to no avail. Also, I dig the name Big Bertha; that's what all the boys not-so-affectionately called me in middle school :)

CCarbott said...

Have you checked EBAY or Amazon? You may be able to find Linny..... If not, I love all the other options


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