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i never got to have that quintessential single-gal bedroom. you know the kind: lucite furniture, neon anything, and a bookshelf littered with shoes, rather than books; no flat-screen in sight, no beard trimmings in the bathroom, no fucking beige anything. wait... i think i'm starting to veer from just the bedroom and into more personal issues.

so. let's move on.

it also happens that i married the guy who despises picking out furniture more than he despises a certain shade of blue (dook). some of our greatest fights have been over either picking out or putting together furniture. (ikea is a very dark place for us as a couple. we literally cross the threshold and instantly hate everything the other one is doing.) ummm. moving on. again.

needless to say, my eclecticism has been fine-tuned to stay within those blurred lines of feminine and masculine, neutral yet a tiny bit eccentric, and organized yet lived-in. i forgot to mention that joe is a teeny bit ocd when it comes to clutter and everything being in its' place. we're interior design opposites. like conflicting ends of magnets rather than yin and yang. luckily, he just let's me do my thing. (men, take note.)

but a girl can still dream, right? maybe one day this could be a guest room? i think it's a must.

bed linens | plissé blanket | rug | lucite nesting tables |
tufted headboard | lamps | dresser | velvet ombre pillows |


Unknown said...

Hahahaha, I hear ya with the decoration arguments! Have you seen the episode of 30 Rock with the Ikea fight? Your post reminded me so much of it.


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