notes to self | saturday edition


1. buy earplugs. why, you ask? well, marlo is at that stage that she's really testing her vocal capabilities and not all of the sounds that she makes are pleasant ones. and she's really loud. really loud. 

2. i read this morning that jenny mccarthy is dating donnie wahlberg. admittedly, i've come to terms with the fact that mark wahlberg is married with seventeen children to a former supermodel; in fact, i'm okay with it. truth be told, mark wahlberg is a little short for my taste. not to mention, the movie ted really left a bad flavor of marky mark in my mouth. but donnie? the badass? yum. and then jenny mccarthy just had to go and put her jim carrey-tainted paws all over him. why? why!?!!
3. marlo has an obsession with her toes. i totally understand the fascination because i'm quite obsessed with her toes, too. they're literally the most adorable delicious things i've ever seen. but lately, marlo has taken to sucking on them at random times. like, 'hey ma! i know we're playing peek-a-boo and all, but, can you just give me a quick sec to chomp on my toes?' apparently her fingers are now inadequate.

4. any other parent out there had their toddler throw a fit because they're so exhausted and accidentally deeply scratch you on the nose, causing you to bleed for thirty minutes, and then clap their hands as if it wasn't an accident at all? 
no? me neither.

5. i'm currently reading 'dad is fat' by jim gaffigan. if you're one of those parents who thinks that parenthood- as rewarding and beautiful as it is and yada yada blah blah- is pretty fucking hard and there are occasional days that you really want to just run into a corner and hide, you should read it, too. it'll make you laugh until you snort. 


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