adventures in eating


if you know marlo, you know that the girl really loves to eat. like, it's her thing. which is a really fantastic thing because my biggest fear was having a picky eater. mama just can not handle that. and before you say anything, i know, i know, toddlerhood will present its' own issues with eating; i'm already mentally preparing myself. but for the most part, marlo is always up to try something new and loves going to restaurants. she's a joy to cook for other than when she's standing underneath me and screaming at me because i can't cook quickly enough- can we say hangry!?!

on this particular evening, dinner time was a complete adventure. i don't even remember what i made for her. it was just one of those evenings where watching her eat and be silly was more fun than anything else we did all day. and yes, i know that she looks like her dad, but when it comes to food... she is my mini-me because nothing makes that girl happier than good food.

some of marlo's current favorite foods?

fresh mozzarella, eggs with an extra egg yolk, green smoothies, bacon- lots of bacon, mango, strawberries, and Anni's white cheddar macaroni and cheese (it's our weekly friday lunch date).

happy tuesday folks!!


Unknown said...

love her. love this post. love her.

RN84 said...

I mean.... Rub it in my face why don't you!! Last night I actually got her to sit at the table and eat more than 2 bites. And your child is eating a 3 course meal! ... Sigh...


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