five things | hump day


1. everything this girl did yesterday had me in fits of laughter. man, i missed this weird little kid of ours.

2. occasionally, girlfriends of mine will come to me with stories about the men in their lives and it just makes me so grateful that joe is who he is. i'm what some would refer to as high-maintenance (i prefer the term, high quality) and i don't know anyone else who could keep up the way that joe does. and is it just me or does dating seems like so much work? and do people seem more and more douchey than ever before? i know that i had a lot of fun dating when i was single, but, i'll take my predictable day-to-day life any day of the week. especially when said predictable life includes joe and marlo.

3. i just watched robin thicke' 'blurred lines' unrated video- i'm late to this party, i know- and i walked away with a few things: for starters, mr. thicke sure knows how to cast a music video. those are some hot damn women. the brunette? oh, man. hello, boob envy. secondly, i wasn't as offended as i thought i'd be after hearing all of the hype; i don't know what this means because i know that i should be. lastly, i think pharrell is just the cutest. i once read that when a journalist asked him how he prefers his lady friend to dress, he responded that he prefers his girls "in lanvin flats and skinny jeans" and i've been hooked ever since.

4. when taking the red-eye across the country, here is some advice: don't book a seat in the very back of the plane where the flight attendants gather and talk endlessly about absolute nonsense. just because you're trying to sleep doesn't mean that they are. also, turning around and giving them your best death stare may or may not work to shut them up. and even if these things look so unbearably stupid, buy a neck pillow. or one of these things. i'll be a dork all day long if it saves my neck from feeling like it does right now.

5. while in california, i participated in a stripper pole dance class- pause for reaction- and i'm almost positive that i've never looked like such a complete fool. (i have photographic evidence of the pure idiocy but i will not be gracing the internet with that embarrassment.) but, man, it was so much fun! what isn't fun is all of the bruises that now decorate my legs and abs. i have a serious newfound respect for pole dancers. file that under: things i never thought i'd say.



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