"welcome to hotel california, such a lovely place, such a lovely face..." -the eagles


i just got back from a whirlwind weekend in california for my future sister-in-law's bachelorette festivities. and while i truly believe that what happens on bachelorette parties should stay at bachelorette parties, i can give a few details away via photos and a few highlights.

so, a few highlights? those bomb dot com fish tacos that i had the second we hopped off of the plane. mind blown.

no humidity. did really good things for my hair.

yes, i got a tattoo. that west coast humidity-free air must have gotten to me.

and in case you've never been to the pacific, the beaches there are so different from what i grew up with in north carolina: the water is freezing and the sand is so powdery, tolerable even for this girl who hates nothing more than sand. really beautiful. minus the tourists, of course.

on friday night, we visited this little hipster beer garden that was really something. it served all craft beer (no bud lite here!) and brats and the most unbelievable french fries. they were coated in white truffle oil, course sea salt and dipped in this pesto aioli. anything dipped in mayo is okay with me, we all know this. but these were so serious. i also drank this imperial stout that was superb. high-gravity, too. bzzzzzzzz.

i'm ready to go back in november for the wedding and to spend more than two days eating as much west coast food as possible. those tacos are first on the list!!!



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