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when we were decorating marlo's nursery, i was adamant that i didn't want it to look like a baby's room, specifically a girly baby's room. and for the most part, i succeeded. minus the crib, rocker, and changing pad, you'd never know that it's a baby's room.

nesting became quite tricky when we decided that sooner or later, we'd be moving to nyc with a wee-one in tow. we had to think in terms of what would fit into the limited space our future nyc apartment would be affording us. we ended up buying this crib in grey, which we still absolutely love. it's been an amazing crib; however, i commonly go in to greet marlo in the morning and all four of her limbs are sticking out through the open slats of the crib. it appears kind of pitiful, even though she doesn't seem bothered by it. the kid still sleeps for thirteen hours. (i know. i know. some moms are wanting to slap me right now.)

the time will come very soon for us to transition her baby room into her toddler room. mind you, we will still be working with a pint-sized bedroom (read: the size of a walk-in closet), so the full-size yellow tufted headboard of my big-girl-bedroom-dreams will have to wait for a bit. but i can definitely still work with the space that we've got.

here's what i'm thinking... simple white bedding (white. always white til' i die). i'll move her red three-drawer dresser into the dining nook and turn it into a bar slash hutch. unless we can find room for her current rocker (which is my favorite thing we own) i'll probably have to sell it. we'll probably sell her crib, too, because- again- we live in nyc and storage isn't exactly ample. i'll keep her sharon montrose animal darling prints because they're just too cute to hide. i may even add a fourth to create a square picture wall. i also want to paint the wall behind her door with chalkboard paint. we're not technically allowed to paint but what our landlords don't know can't hurt them. so, shhh!

p.s. most of this is from ikea. (read: it's stupid affordable.)

bed | rug | dresser | shelves | cute pillows | toy bin | metal abc's

what do you guys think? is it a room worthy of miss marlo?



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