an afternoon in fort greene


yesterday was one of those days... easy, full of carbs and good friends, and pleasantly exhausting. 
we ventured down to fort greene to meet our friends julie, gus, and sweet little rio for a date at der schwarze kolner for some great beer served in glasses bigger than our heads and fresh salty pretzels.

we love these three. you know when you meet people and you just click? that's us. when we first met, there was none of that awkwardness 'getting-to-know-you' conversation... just immediate hugs, heartfelt curiosity and many 'aha! oh my! you get it! you get me!' moments. those really are the best. i live for those moments. i even caught julie wiping marlo's nose with her hand and wiping it on her shorts. that's friendship right there!

and besides julie and i basically being the same person- without knowing, we both showed up in the exact same outfit and also dressed our babes in striped rompers which both hung off their shoulders- our children seem to be involving themselves in quite the little love affair. even though this love affair involves more marlo chasing after and terrifying rio, it's mine and julie's belief that they may one day get married and they'll have us to thank for their everlasting happiness.

maybe julie and i just want to be related. it's probable. and don't tell marlo, but rio puckered up those juicy cheeks for me quite a few times. he is the sweetest.
after returning home far past marlo's bedtime, joe made us macaroni and cheese from a box (it was organic!) and i quickly drifted off to sweet slumber by the time the clock struck nine. i think i dreamed of moving to brooklyn.

we like to live life on the edge. 


Unknown said...

yes. i would totally delight in being related. great time.


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