some love for the papas


father's day is just around the corner! 

and is it just me or are men the absolute hardest people to shop for? joe sure as shit is. then again, most men believe that women are the hardest people to shop for. touche. anyway, joe always says that he wants nothing, which, is just so incredibly boring. at least i have a list of things ready for him... wink. 

so, here are a few things that i'm thinking about buying the old ball and chain to say thanks for being a good papa bear to our babe. and for the record, i believe that the gifts that no one will buy for themselves make the best kind of gifts. unnecessary necessary items is what i like to call them... 

a skincare routine because we all know that most men are horrible about taking proper care of their skin | a not-so-office-appropriate paperweight | bacon flavored bourbon because everything is better with bacon | a perfectly worn-in weekend bag (i got this for joe last year in army green) | a cheeky new read | a humorous, yet sentimental print (i gave this to joe when we found out we were pregnant) | the go-to quality gadget holder (in the perfect shade of blue for my carolina tar heel, naturally)


Valentina Duracinsky said...

cool list!

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