thank you


i just want to say a quick thank you to the many, many people that wrote to me, sharing your different stories of struggle with anxiety. i feel humbled and honored that so many people would even care, let alone trust me enough to share such personal and intimate details about their lives. yesterday i was feeling very raw and vulnerable- and, naturally, anxious because of it. today i feel wonderfully overwhelmed with support, normal, and connected, feelings that anxiety easily and commonly rob me of.

one of the very best things that women can do is to support one another and to normalize the things that harm us. giving a voice and a face to anything that causes us emotional pain is so imperative to the healing process. knowing that you are NOT alone and that someone- even if that someone is a complete stranger- has your back and is there to lend an ear or to just send you a virtual hug is half of the battle. i can get so frustrated with women and our culture and how harsh we can be towards one another; but yesterday was a lovely and much needed reminder that humanity is still capable of looking out for humanity.

we have a busy weekend ahead of us, but i just wanted everyone to know that i've read and have cried over all of your stories of the pain and struggle that we share and i promise that i will respond to every single one of you.

i truly can't thank you enough for your support.


miss verse said...

You are a strong woman and your words are needed. I understand the struggle and I also understand how needed it is for women to support one another and not tear each other down. (I, too, have become so frustrated with women tearing one another down and being so competitive with other women. Especially about our kids- that baffles me even more!) anyways, I'd love to add my name to the list- I support you girl! even over the internet and thousands of miles away. haha. <3


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