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hey y'all! happy monday! we just got back from north carolina on friday morning and have been in total recovery mode. traveling with a babe by yourself is tough work- mama is pooped!

i learned a few things while back home in the burbs.

which, obviously, i'm going to share...
can we even talk about how amazing she looked? i'm tearing up now just thinking about it.
1. always wear waterproof mascara at your best friends' wedding. y'all. i cried like a baby so many times. the continuous consumption of prosecco probably contributed a generous amount, but, whatever. it happens. that day will always be one of my favorite days ever because seeing someone that you love so much so incredibly happy and having the time of their life? you just can't put a price on it. it was a beautiful day filled with even lovelier people who were all having a hell of a good time. it was perfect. 
marlo (13 mos) and baby becks (6 weeks). we're already arranging their marriage.
2. we were able to spend time with some great friends and their freshly baked buns of chubby newborn loving. and good grief, i couldn't get enough. and neither could marlo. she absolutely loves her some babies. at first, i was worried about how she'd behave towards a newborn since she has a tendency to go straight for the standard eye-poke with older children (she's learning the different body parts and is stuck on eyes). so, you can imagine my surprise at seeing her be so gentle and sweet towards those babes. it made me a complete pile of mama mush on my friends' suburban hardwood floors. it also kicked my desire to give marlo a sibling into serious overdrive. we've still got a few years until we put that plan into action but the want is most definitely there. 
3. i don't care how quickly i unpack or how soon i'm able to sleep in my own bed or take a shower in my own tub, but i don't feel like i'm really home until i cook something in my own kitchen. my kitchen is my safe place where i know my way around and i can distract myself within the making of something delicious. in this case, it was father's day brunch in honor of our guy, sweet joe. we're big pancake lovers and the dutch baby (or puffed pancake) is as easy to make and as delicious as pancakes come. it's our new go-to brunch item around these parts. (you can find the recipe here. and a tip- i substitute cinnamon for nutmeg and add a tsp of pure vanilla extract.)
i mean...
4. i miss a lot of things about the south (like backyards, family, southern accents, and obnoxious pick-up trucks). one of the things at the top of that list is a sunset after an afternoon thunderstorm. there isn't anything more beautiful or majestic and they simply don't come like that here in the city. they make the scorching temperatures and humidity somewhat bearable. 
poor, lucy. she was such a good sport.
5. i want marlo to have a yard. yes, we have central park and other great playgrounds and grassy knolls. but, being able to let my baby roam around and explore without hovering as to make sure that she doesn't pick up a homeless person's sock or eat pigeon poop was such a luxury. she became a total pro at finding the best sticks the yard had to offer. she'd gnaw on them (just a little extra fiber), she'd try to discipline the dog with them, and she even realized that they make excellent baby pokers. the fact that i got to sit out on the adjoining patio and drink a glass of white wine with my girlfriend was just an added bonus.

happy monday, y'all!

(apparently, i picked back up my southern dialect while i was visiting.)



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