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i believe in having a uniform. don't worry, i know what you're thinking. not the kind of uniform that we wore in grade school which consisted of heinous pleated khaki skorts and white cotton polos, but, rather, a collection of articles of clothing that one can wear a somewhat inappropriate and almost embarrassing amount of times.

personally, that uniform consistently revolves around the boxed wine of the apparel world, the jort; nobody wants to admit that they not only wear jorts, but that they secretly have a deep-rooted affection for jorts.

if there is an occasion where jorts are even remotely acceptable for sartorial presentation, you can bet your cute ass that jorts are what will be on my behind. and finding the perfect pair of jorts is no easy task. it can takes years. truly, years. and trust me, as a loyal and longterm believer in the power of the jort, i've done extensive research. i currently have seven pairs of jorts in my closet, with the majority of them handcrafted (read: shred to shit with our kitchen shears and a brick) from thrifted vintage men's levi's for three bucks a pop and a little elbow grease. but, this particular pair of jorts? the ones pictured above that cost almost two hundred bones? yeah, they are the closest thing to perfection that a jort could ever possibly come to.

they are the unicorn of jorts.

(how many times do you think i can use the word jort in a single post? jorts. jorts. joorrrrts.)


the moral of the story?

power to the jorts!



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