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as i sit here at our dining room table, i'm currently listening to marlo sing, tongue-click, and babble herself to sleep for her afternoon nap. i'm also watching the news. and man, this oklahoma stuff is hard to watch. some of the photos that have been captured have had me in tears this morning.

besides stating the obvious of how heartbreaking these sorts of tragedies are- the thought of losing those that i love most or not knowing if they're safe or even accounted for is painfully heartbreaking to even think about- i will say that all of it has a way of putting so many things into perspective. possibly one of the only silver linings in tragedies like this is the compassion and empathy that it brings out in people, even the some of the hardest of hearts soften a bit.

all of this got me thinking a lot about what our lives consist of. take all of the silly things that we do all day... the photos we take and post of our outfits in hopes that someone will give us a boost of confidence with a virtual thumbs up; the photos of the food that we cook and style for some instagram filter just so that we can make someone else's salivary glands perspire; and all of the ridiculous complaining and whining that we do every day to one of our friends because we don't have this or we can't buy that or what stupid thing our significant other said or how our child just won't cooperate today. think about how many times you've been guilty of doing one of those things or been on the reciprocating end... i'm guilty. i imagine we all are in some form or another.

now, take it all away. your closet full of covetable clothing? they've all been blown thirty miles away and ripped to shreds. your food? yeah, you don't know where your next meal is coming from because rescue workers have to ship donations of canned beans in. that house and kitchen that you cook in? it's gone, demolished. and those dear friends that you complain to and your partner and child that you complain about? you don't know if they're even alive.

can you imagine?

so tonight, when you see the people that you love most or you have the opportunity to talk to the people that are a part of your heart, don't complain to them or use that precious time to say something negative. take that opportunity and just tell them that you love them, hug them if you're within an arms reach, and think about those people who have lost so much over the past few days.


Corey T. said...

Beautiful post girl! I follow yoyr blog and whenever you post a new one I am always drawn to it. You are an amazing writer! Love this! -Corey


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