a curious kitten


i don't always have the opportunity to actually observe marlo while she's in her element and in the thick of exploring. it's impossible to observe a very quickly moving little when you're the one trailing after her, insuring that she isn't eating rocks or gnawing on sticks; however, yesterday, joe and i took her to bryant park so she could just run around and spread her wings a bit. (funnily enough, when marlo runs, she does so with her arms out like literal wings, as evidenced in the above photo.) so i spread out a little blanket on top of the slightly damp grass, parked my bum, and graciously allowed joe to do the chasing. and i watched.

letting her roam free, her little pointer-finger guiding the way, she toddled and wandered all over the grounds and up to everyone who might have anything edible for her grubby little hands to snatch. she'd meander off, point at whatever had peaked her inquiry, and glance back at us for an explanation.


one night, when i was largely pregnant with marlo, i remember writing a long list of all of the characteristics that i wished marlo to possess. (in hindsight, i realize just how reckless doing such a thing was, but, pregnant and hormonal women are daring with abandon like that. it's no secret that kids tend to rebel and do exactly the opposite of what you want them to do, am i right?) i have not a clue where that list is now, but, i distinctly remember one of the first characteristics i had hoped for was an acute curiosity. and, man, does our little girl have it. she's a dedicated people watcher and a resolute observer.

i so thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to fathom everything from her fresh, unbiased, and unexposed perspective. her inquisitiveness can be exhausting at times; it's like the kid who repetitively asks, 'why? why? why?' and i don't always have answers for her. i can't always figure out what it is that she needs to be explained.

but it is so much fun trying to get inside of her little head and have a small but important part in expanding her mind. it's so much fun watching her take in her world- this bustling city, the interesting and eclectic people surrounding her, the smells and sounds of the hustle and bustle, and the energy that only a place like nyc has to offer. it's just one of the many perks of being this curious kitten's mama.



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