one year


that first moment. the one that nobody can prepare you for.
the one that absolutely takes your breath away.
so much so, that you need an oxygen mask.
you may never know how much i love you until you have children of your own one day. all i can hope is that over this past year and for all of the years to come, i've done and will continue to do a good job at showing you just how precious you are to me. i'll never be able to thank you for what you bring to my life and for making me aware of the joy that life can bring if you just let it in. you're magic.

i couldn't do what i do as her mama if i didn't have you standing, not behind me, but, beside me. we make a really great team and i can only hope that we get to do it again someday. (i think we made a pretty cute kid- it'd really be a shame not to contribute to the gene pool at least once more.) thank you for always reminding me to laugh it off and that doing your best is all that you can do. i love you so much. you're my true north.

family & friends,
this year was a tough one for me, emotionally and physically, and filled with absurd amounts of change. i can't imagine having to do it all without the support that you all have given to me and to our family. we may be miles and miles apart but i never feel alone. i'm so grateful and thankful for you all.  




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