a certain kind of weekend


you know the kind...

the kind of weekend with a visitor named mimi who makes everything cheerier and sweeter.

the kind of weekend that revolves around nothing but your next meal and far too many glasses of wine; lunch picnics and the chasing of bubbles and pigeons in central park; great conversation and a bradley cooper movie; the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever eat and the little's first ever bites of a jacques torres flour-less chocolate cake; standing in line for an hour for grimaldi's pizza and making friends with fellow stranger diners; subway adventures and long walks across the brooklyn bridge; cobblestones streets and views of manhattan from a sunny, grassy plot of a brooklyn park; lots of cuddles with mama and dada which always end far too quickly; and unexpected first birthday presents from the sweetest of far-away friends and family.

the kind of weekend that was wonderfully gluttonous and full of adventure. the kind of weekend that left my bum sore from so much exploring of our wonderful city.

the kind of weekend that ended with two exhausted parents and an officially one year old babe.

it was a weekend of the very best kind. 



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